Things I’ve made trying to put my dent in the universe.

I’ve worked on many little and more significant projects over the years but these are the ones I’m most proud of. If any of them sound interesting to you, check them out.

  • Indexing Beyond the Basics

    Database indexes are complex as there are no good explanations. I've written an entire graphical-enhanced book about the topic.

  • SQL For Devs

    Most developers only know the basics of databases. Therefore, I frequently share lesser-known tips and knowledge for them.

  • MySQL EXPLAIN Explained

    The MySQL EXPLAIN output is too cryptic for anyone. This service transforms the data to be easier to understand.

  • StackBricks

    You can run many databases and versions at the same time on a development machine isolated from each other.

  • State of Laravel

    My yearly Laravel survey reveals the numerous technologies and development practices being used in the community and how trends change.

  • GitHub

    I am working on some interesting open-source libraries within the Laravel ecosystem to work better with databases.