Tobias Petry
Tobias Petry
Database Consultant


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Germany, Darmstadt


MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL


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About Me

Hey! I'm Tobias, a full-stack software developer, database specialist and educator from Germany. I primarily work with Laravel, MySQL or PostgreSQL and various technologies on the frontend.

In my first year of programming, I slowed down an application to multi-second response times with a single slow SQL query. This experience sparked my desire to learn all about databases and their performance. In the past 15+ years, I became a database expert with a lot of expertise in the architectures and quirks of many database systems. My favorite part of databases is that feeling, when you find and optimize all the slow queries that the application feels much more speedy afterward.

At present, I use most of my time working with databases: I help development teams fix their performance problems, teach advanced SQL features and build tools to better work with databases. As a full-stack developer and database engineer, I am the missing link between a developer's approach and the knowledge of a database expert to know more efficient ways to solve a problem.

What I offer

Performance Tuning

I can identify slow queries and suggest indexes or schema changes to fix them.


I can assist you in planning a switch to another database or a complex schema migration.


I can train your developers in many different topics tailored to your needs.


I offer database expertise for all questions and problems that may appear.

My Projects

SQL For Devs

Most developers don't know the more in-depth parts of databases. Therefore, I frequently share lesser-known tips and knowledge for them.

State of Laravel

Laravel is currently the most popular PHP framework and is used in various ways. My yearly survey reveals the numerous technologies and development practices being used and how trends change.


Running many databases and versions on a development machine is still complicated. With StackBricks, I am working on a free application to simplify this.

Open Source

Many open-source libraries are the foundation of all the applications we build. Like numerous other developers, I participate in that tradition to share stuff others can use.

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